Institute of Technology of Cambodia

In the current context of globalization and fast transformations of new technologies, ITC’s main concerns are to play an efficient role in the Cambodian society and to be at the cutting edge of development to improve our educational system.

Its goal is to provide students with a high-quality education in the fields of engineering sciences and technologies. Students are provided with technical know-how and skills of analysis which allow integration and evolution in the labor market. To achieve this, the academic and international scientific research requires development.

In 1993, Cambodian and French governments agreed to renovate ITC with a view to improving the performance of the administration and financial services along with the educational system of the institution and the human resources.






This policy is aimed to conduct and develop human resource with a potential quality in the fields of engineer, technical, science and technology. The Institute will become an outstanding institution in training young Cambodian students with high quality and capability and to be a science and technology research center of wide recognition form national and international communities.




The aim of the institute is to conduct training, technology education, science and technology with certain quality, virtue and high capability so that the student are able to gain knowledge, practical skill and capacity to be the basic of work creation and to fill the labor market requirement and participate in national social-economic development to high growth.



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