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International University

Established since 2002, International University is a private university focuses mainly on health science. It is located in Sen Sok district and got expanded by adding a hospital institute under the name Sen Sok International University Hospital in 2009. Founder of the International University established another health institute in Kampong Cham in 2011, which is known as Bolyno Institute of International University.


International University shall be the one of ten leading Cambodia Higher Education accredited
national and international.


  • To provide the education about medical science, science, technology, Engineering
    humanity, and sociality at ungraduated and graduated level towards national, regional, and
    international standards.
  • To promote the advancement of knowledge through research in the fields of medical
    science, science, technology, Engineering, humanity and sociality for contributing to
    national sustainable development and bring them Cambodia as an active member in the
    ASEAN community.
  • To provide knowledge, skills, attitude and opportunity to innovative learning research and
    provide the good service.


Course will be added in the future!

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