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University of Health Science

Originally established 1946, it was known as the School for Medical Officers. After a total abandonment during the Khmer Rouge regime, it resumed its ongoing medical training in 1980, and combined three sections in a single faculty (Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry). After having its name changed multiple times during throughout the years, it settled on the University of Health Sciences in 1997. It is famously known as Sala Krahom, which translates literally as Red School.1





The UHS will be recognized as the nation’s leading higher educational institution in the field of health sciences in which the students, teachers and staff strive for excellence in teaching and learning, research and public services.






The UHS will contribute to improve the health of Cambodians by:





  1. Contributing to human resources development through training that meets national and international standards

  2. Conducting research in response to the country’s needs according to national and international standards

  3. Providing services with quality and ethics

  4. Governing with efficiency and transparency

  5. Promoting national and international cooperation





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